Are you fast enough to win the youngest of the Relic Siblings? Here's an artist's rendition of how they look in the mind of Mark Cerny.

The Sapphire Relic is a shitty relic earned for breaking shitty time records in games that are not first sequels. He is blue and sapphirish and cheap. He has an older sister, Gold Relic, and an emo older brother, Platinum Relic.

Game HistoryEdit

Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedEdit

The Sapphire Relic made his first appearance in Crash Bandicoot 3: Cortex Strikes Oil In The Past. He was relatively easy to get. Especially if you're a fast fuck. Other fast fucks include, but are not limited to: Tawna. In bed! Hahahaha!

Crash Team RacingEdit

In CTR: Fucking VROOOOOOM!, Mr. Sapphiric was awarded for being shit awesome in Time Trials. Though if you're even awesomer, you can win one of Sapphanie's brothers!

Crash BashEdit

In Crashie's Gay Bashing Adventure, Sapph is awarded for beating up champion fucks on shitty courses. Except, for some faggoty reason, he's named after his emo brother, and is harder. Wait a second... maybe Platz stole his skin? Aww, shit!

Other GamesEdit

Sapphz also appeared in The Wrathman Cometh, GBA 1, and GBA 2 in a form stolen from Tropy's Time Travel Game. He also appeared in CNK in a form stolen from the superior racing game.


  • Sapphire Relic is actually made out of chocolate. President Papu discovered this when he won one for completing his first term as President of Tribesanistan.

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