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Mega-Mix is an unfuckable clusterfuck that contains the head of a yellow-headed professor, the body of an orange retard, the legs and asshole of either a dingo or a crocodile (I'm not quite sure), and the eyeball of Not-Mad Scienstein. Oh yeah, he also has the brain of the afformentioned retard.


Crash Bandicoot: The Huge AdventureEdit

This Mega-Cluster-Fucky-Mixer-Fuck only made one appearance. Something exploded, four dudes merged, and bam. Meg was born.


Meg currently stars in fan favourite brain rotter, Family Guy, as the middle child. Most people think Meg is smart, but her brain is that of a retard, therefore, he is a retard. Oh yeah, Meg is a dude.


  • Mega-Mix's two names begin with the letter "M", therefore, people seem to think he's an M&M. He's actually a Griffin.