The second season of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures! aired on Saturday mornings throughout the 1998-1999 television season.

Prod. Number Episode Title Synopsis Original Airdate
201 Free Mask! Cortex and his new friend, Dr. Nefarious Tropy, travel back to the 1960s to save Uka Uka, the notorious hippie, as he is their only hope of combating the bandicoots' mask guardian, Aku Aku. Along the way, they meet new friends, and predictably attract the ire of Crashie himself. 9/12/1998
203 The Pharaohest One of All When Dr. Neo Cortex travels to ancient Egypt in hopes of becoming a famous Pharaoh, it's up to Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku to stop him. 9/19/1998
204 Battle on the Orient Expressway When Pura receives a bananaphone call from the past, he drags his friends back to Ancient China Island to meet his parents. Their reunion is short-lived, however, as Cortilla the Hun is terrorising the countryside! 9/26/1998
205 The Last of the Wumpa Eatin' Uka Uka sends Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy to the 1790s to kidnap Johnny Wumpaseed, in order to prevent the powerful Wumpa Fruit from ever existing. It's up to Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku to stop them! 10/3/1998
206 Detective Tiny's Timely Adventure Cortex brings his minions along on his vacation to 19th Century London Island, but Tiny's relaxation is short-lived when he is the next victim of the infamous Roo the Ripper. Meanwhile, Uka Uka discovers Wumpavision. 10/10/1998
207 All War'n Out Dr. Nefarious Tropy sends Crash Bandicoot back to World War II, where he is forced to fight for freedom against Major Cortexolini's army, with the aide of his good friends, Frenchie Waiter and George Washingbrio. 10/17/1998
209 Larry's Just a Hunka Hunka Burnin' Rubber! Uka Uka is holding a motorcycle race tournament in the 1950s, with a powerful Doomsday Device as the trophy, and for some reason the Bandicoots are invited! As Coco competes with Cortex's cheating minions, Crash explores the local diner scene. 10/24/1998
208 The Gladiator Scheme Cortex gives Tiny a Roman Colosseum to run so he won't hinder the doctor's evil search for the Sapphire Relic of Rigatoni. 10/31/1998
211 The Dingolden Age of Jazz On a whim, Dingodile decides to break up the monotony of his life by becoming a famous jazz trombonist in the 1920s. But when his flame breath ruins his début performance, he begins to doubt the possibility of making all his jazzy dreams come true.... 11/7/1998
214 The Mother of All Ginvention Pinstripe recruits N. Gin for an uncharacteristically devious scheme to earn wealth by travelling back to the old-skool 1700s, in order to invent famous inventions before their inventor, Ben-Jammin' Funklin. 11/14/1998
202 Uncle Cortie's Thanksgiving Day Charade Thanksgiving is here at last, but Cortex decides he hates turkey. He schemes to travel back in time to prevent the first Thanksgiving, but the Pilgrims accuse him of witchcraft. Meanwhile, due to his feathers, they also confuse Aku Aku for a turkey! 11/21/1998
212 For Queen and Cocountry Coco, feeling unappreciated by her boorish brother, accepts a proposal for marriage from 15th century monarch King Cortles LXIV, unaware that he has sinister intentions for his Queen-to-be. Meanwhile, Crash has fun with Coco's laptop! 12/5/1998
213 New World Disorder Cortex travels back to 1492 in hopes to beat Christopher Colwumpus to the Three Islands, in a high seas tale that ends in a pirate race. 12/12/1998
210 Ain't Saint Nicholas Cortex kidnaps Mama Claus in order to prevent Santa Claus from being born. Papa Claus asks our bandicoot friends for help. 12/19/1998
215 Rock-a-Bye Baby T, in the Time Warp... Rilla Roo's hard-earned vacation at Brio Hotel is interrupted by Baby T, who was delivered to the wrong time era by Storktex. While Rilla Roo learns about babysitting from Dr. Neonatal Kidtex, Bill and Larry aim for a hole-in-Brione! 1/9/1999
216 The Tinynator: Wumpment Day Tiny breaks into the Time Twister, and accidentally travels to a dark future that turns him into a cybernetic kidnapping machine. 1/16/1999
217 Tropy: King of... Oh, Woops!-O One evening in Wumpa Island, Dr. Tropy is seen on the ground, in pain, with Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku, all in 1950s get-up, staring at him. Tropy begins to sing as a narration. He sings to tell us the story of how he ended up in this position. It all started in Cortex Castle, when he unveiled a new add-on to the Time Twister Machine. It lifts the Time Twister above the Three Islands. It zaps Wumpa Island, sending the inhabitants' mentality back to 1950. Tropy laughs, and his narration explains that it inadvertantly turned the island into a musical. We cut to Crash, Coco, and Aku Aku. They're also singing. While singing, they end up explaining their personas for the episode: The Pink Ladycoot, Crashie Dean, and Johnaku Akulta. They are confused as to why they are singing. They walk outside and see the Time Twister up in the air. Thinking quickly, Crashie Dean grabs Johnaku Akulta, and throws him into the air. Surprisingly, they destroy the machine and make Tropy fall. Unfortunately, the effects only strengthened the hold, as now all three islands are stuck in this mindset. We now reach the exact moment the episode opened up to. Tropy wakes up, seeing the good guys staring at him. He unveils his persona - Nefarthur Troperelli. He explains to the heroes what happened, and that even he is trapped now. Meanwhile, in Cortex Castle, the inhabitants there struggle to get used to the new '50s musical world. We see Cortie Sinatra holding a meeting with his boss and minions - Deanuka Martuka, Dingo Bravodile, N. Gin Lopez, Tony Montanarilla Roo, Angelo Ripper Roono, Pinstripe Greaserroo, Tiny Tig-EYYYY!, and of course... Martin Scorslarry and Robert Denirbill. All Deanuka Martuka can do is yell at Cortie Sinatra for making such a huge mess of the world, even though Cortie swears it isn't his fault. They all decide the only thing they can do is go see if their enemies can help. They venture to Wumpa Island. Its inhabitants are in a wreck. Troperelli is angry at himself for letting this happen. The rest of the enemies (and Maritrus Briuomo), arrive on the scene. They argue over the commotion until an unaltered Pura looks at everyone and begins to sing a sweet melody about getting along. Johnaku Akulta notices the Time Twister fluctuating a bit when Pura sang. This gives Crashie Dean an idea. He needs to find a way to get everyone to sing a great American song about happiness. Tiny Tig-EYYYY! likes that idea a lot. As does Nefarthur Troperelli. Scorslarry and Denirbill have trouble comprehending it, so Deanuka Martuka and Johnaku Akulta explain this in a quick duet. Crashie Dean runs into his home, as he needs to get out his Wumprophone. The Pink Ladycoot questions the logistics of this without a proper stage. Maritrus Briuomo drinks a beaker and turns into an outdoorsy stadium. It only lacks speakers. N. Gin Lopez thinks quickly, and unveils the "Listen Loud, Be So Proud, Get That Thing Out Of The Cloud, I Hope It Doesn't Fall Into the Crowd, And If It Does It Can Easily Be Plowed, Speaky Noise Speaky Noise Noise Machine". He tries to put two of his newly invented speakers into the Bristadium, but they won't hold. Pinstripe Greaserroo interjects, by building a few cannons in there to hold them. Cortie Sinatra and The Pink Ladycoot fasten them in, and N. Gin Lopez puts the speakers in. Unfortunately, it's 1950, so electricity is still in its primitive stages. Johnaku and Deanuka are a bit worried now. Angelo Ripper Roono, Tony Montanarilla Roo, and Dingo Bravodile have an idea. Tony Montanarilla Roo takes out a stringy pacifier. Angelo Ripper Roono takes out a TNT crate. Dingo Bravodile connects the two and lights a fuse with his fire breath, creating a perfect piece of electricity. This pleases everyone. The plan might work! Crashie Dean enters center stage, and begins to sing his hit song ("Timeless", written and performed by Joey Lawrence). Martin Scorslarry and Robert Denirbill give backup vocals. The Pink Ladycoot is seen using Johnaku Akulta as a guitar. Tiny Tig-EYYYY! is using Deanuka Martuka as a tambourine. Nefarthur Troperelli is obviously playing his tuning fork. Cortie Sinatra and N. Gin Lopez are playing the drums. Everyone else just dances. The Time Twisting machine breaks, and comes crashing down towards the Second Island. The musical curse is over, though Deanuka Martuka berates Troperelli for letting this happen, still in song. Cortie Sinatra just sighs, and tells the children at home to go out and buy the best musical album in the world... "Soulmates" by Joey Lawrence! 1/23/1999
219 Careful What Roo Wish For! Facing a strict deadline on a career-making thesis, Ripper Roo tries to cheat with the help of an evil tapdancing genie, but is tricked into wishing him complete control over the Ancient Arabian Nights Islands. Meanwhile, Uka Uka tries to hold a Wumpavision viewing party. 1/30/1999
218 The Freshwater Prince of Bel-Atlantis When Cortex suddenly fires Pinstripe Potoroo as CEO of Cortex Power, the Potoroo seeks to make a new life for himself by smuggling freshwater into Atlantis, in direct defiance of the lawmaker extraordinaire, Empress Ethel Mermaid. 2/6/1999
220 Dingodile Goes Hollywood (FKA No Business Like Dingo's Business) One day at Chateau Dingodile, Dingodile is seen watching Wumpavision. He sees a sneak preview to the new Lethal Wumpon film, and this angers him. Dingodile could've made those movies better! He could direct a better movie than Melbrook Gabbons! But Gabbons is old and withered now. So Dingodile realizes he must pursue his dream the only way possible. He gets on the bananaphone and calls his best friend, Dr. Tropy. Tropy rushes over as quickly as he could, and sends Dingodile into the past by stabbing him with this tuning fork. This sends Dingodile back to 1985. Dingodile just laughs. Meanwhile in Cortex Castle, Cortex is wondering where his favourite minion is. Tiny enters from the kitchen and tells Cortex that he's still here. Cortex immediately grounds Tiny for life for making such a rash assumption. Uka Uka berates Cortex for being vague. Cortex quickly reveals he was talking about Dingodile. Tropy enters the room, and explains that he knows exactly where Dingodile went. Uka Uka is furious and yells at Tropy too, this time for obeying minions without his written consent. Tropy takes it in stride, and stabs Cortex and Uka Uka with his tuning fork, sending them to 1985 as well. We see Dingodile, or as he now calls himself, Dingy Spieldile. He is seen talking to a big Hollywood film producer, Brioel Silver. Dingy tries to sell the script to Brioel's company, through a lavish western tune. Mr. Silver gratiously accepts, and tells Dingy that he begins shooting tomarrow. As soon as Mr. Spieldile leaves, Melbrook Gabbons enters to have a similiar discussion with Brioel Silver. Silver quickly gets angry, and drinks a beaker turning into a bomb. He claims Gabbons stole the script from Dingy, as Dingy arrived first. Gabbons is hilariously injured from the Brisplosion. Meanwhile, Cortex and Uka Uka - under their new personas, Cortio Esteves and Ukie Murphy - are looking up and down for their good friend Dingodile, but can't find him anywhere. They look in a few designer clothing stores, and find nothing. Well, they see Pinstripe looking for new shirts, but no Dingodile. Meanwhile, Dingy Spieldile just finished hiring in his three star actors for his version of Lethal Wumpon. Thespian Bill, Understudy Larry, and Frenchie Actor. They perform a badly animated fight scene, to Dingy's direction. After it is shot, Frenchie Actor questions Dingy's skillset. He wonders why there are only three actors, with no females at all. Dingy stumbles to come up with an answer, and ends up challenging Frenchie Actor to find an actress who can handle action scenes. Bill and Larry just sit there, silently. Meanwhile again, Cortio and Ukie are still on the search. They end up going to an old playhouse, expecting to see Dingodile there. Instead, they see Ripper Roo auditioning for William Shakespeare (Kevin Michael Richardson). Ukie is starting to get annoyed, and asks Cortio why Dingodile is his favourite minion. Cortio just changes the subject, causing Ukie to start yelling again. Back at the set, Frenchie Actor brings his mother over to meet Dingy Spieldile. Frenchie Mama (voiced by Tara Charendoff) arrives, and Dingy is just livid. He threatens to kick Frenchie Actor off the crew. Bill and Larry quickly come to his defense though. They like Frenchie Actor, as he is a terrific actor. Dingy yells at them as well, and fires all three of his actors on the spot. Meanwhile, Ukie and Cortio are weeping. They can't find Dingodile at all! Just then, though, they meet Unemployed Bill and Needs a Job Larry on the street. They explain to their bosses exactly what happened. Needless to say, Cortio and Ukie were not pleased. Bill and Larry tell them where Dingy Spieldile is. Meanwhile, at the set, Dingy is already being yelled at by Brioel Silver. The project is running out of funds, and he fired the only actors who would do anything for a no-name director like Dingy. This really depresses Dingy, so much that it forces a commercial break. When we come back, Cortio, Ukie, Bill, and Larry arrive on the scene. Ukie yells as Dingy for betraying his evil villain roots. Dingy apologizes, saying he only wanted to create something successful for once in his life. Cortio understands that feeling, in a moment that comes off as awkward even though it was probably supposed to be touching. Cortio offers some assistance in funding this film: he unveils a red gem. "This gem holds the power of inner-talent", claims Cortio. This makes Dingy really happy. Cortio also offers one of the best actors he ever met, his close friend, Ginny Haim. Ginny arrives through a time portal, and the show begins! This continues to make Dingy happy. And due to the financial side of things, this also makes Brioel Silver happy. Frenchie Actor arrives on the scene too, and apologises, saying that he's ready to continue with the show. Everything works out perfectly. We move to the present, where we see Crash watching Lethal Wumpon on Wumpavision. This is the version Dingy Spieldile made. Crash laughs a lot of it off, and explains that movie remakes are never as good as the originals. 2/13/1999
222 Dr. Troper's Lonely Clocks Club Band When no one gets him what he wants for his birthday, Tropy quits his job with Cortex, and finds solace in an expensive support group for time lords created by the mysterious Dr. N. Oobening. Meanwhile, Crash embarks on a quest for the first issue of WV Guide magazine! 2/20/1999
221 Of Awesome Flying Saucers and Bossy Lying Sauce-Eaters On the 35th anniversary of a mysterious UFO crash-landing on Area 51? Island, in the state of Wumpazona, Crash and Cortex go back in time, both with the intention of capturing its alien pilot and claiming a hefty reward. Meanwhile, N. Gin feels betrayed by his ketchup-loving employer. 2/27/1999
223 The Great Bandicoot Invasion One day in Cortex Castle, Uka Uka is berating Cortex for yet another failed scheme. Cortex continues to blame Crash Bandicoot for failing, but Uka Uka refuses to listen. This argument with Uka Uka convinces Cortex to just throw in the towel. He gives up. He just wants to relax for the remainder of his days. But thanks to that blasted bandicoot, he doesn't want to do it nearby. Cortex takes out a magic flute, and plays it. This makes Dr. Tropy appear. He asks Cortex how that magic flute is treating him. Cortex likes it, and then goes off on a tangent about wanting to live in a world far away, in peace. Tropy smiles, and takes off his watch, and throws it to the ground. This opens up a magic door, which leads to the future. Cortex just smiles, and enters it. When he gets there, he enters a very different world. It has a lot of technology floating around. Cortex is finally happy. He rents a suite in a Brio Hotel. In it, Cortex meets the receptionist, Frontdeskie Waiter. He explains that in 2009, Brio Hotel was bought out, and is now one of the most popular hotel chains in existance. Cortex asks what year it is, and Frontdeskie Waiter simply responds with "It's 2824, jau moron!". Cortex just smiles again. He then enters his room, and laughs. The next day, Cortex heads out for a night on the town, but boy, is he in for a surprise! On his way back from buying groceries, Cortex ran into a crowd of several bandicoots, all of which acted like Crash (and were voiced by Joey Lawrence). Cortex begins to twitch. He quickly runs back to the hotel. He runs up to Frontdeskie Waiter and asks about this. Frontdeskie Waiter is confused as to how Cortex could be so unfamiliar with the current world. Cortex gives up there, and just asks to see if he can see his manager, Dr. Nitrus Brio. Brio's body has ceased to work for years, but his soul has since been shoved inside a beaker. Cortex meets with this beaker. Upon touching it, a huge puff of smoke appears, and Brio's face appears in it. Brio remembers Cortex well. Cortex asks what happened to the world that brought so many Crash Bandicoots. Brio explains, in this week's musical number, that the bandicoot species have evolved on their own, into extremely obnoxious, fun-loving thieves. Unfortunately, President Potoroo passed the law that gave the bandicoots free legal reign of the land. Cortex is just furious now! He asks who the President thinks he is, and Brio simply explains that he is the same man that used to run Cortex Power. A shady businessman. Cortex demands he meets up with this leader. Brio offers advice on how to meet with this elusive figurehead. Cortex just smiles. The next day, Cortex goes on another shopping trip. He meets up with another band of bandicoots. This time, they are all female (modelled after Coco, and voiced by Tara Charendoff). They're looking in a makeup store. Cortex just groans, which causes them to break a window and attack. Cortex is frightened. All of his minions are gone, He is alone. He needs to do something and fast. The next day, he decides to enter Potoroo Palace, which is the current residency of the President. Cortex bursts in, but is quickly captured by Robot Bill and Leather Jacket Larry. Cortex groans again, as these are clearly clones or something of his previous minions. Cortex realizes this, and is able to trick them into taking him to the President. When they do, Cortex is able to yell at Pinstripe, who is now has a robot body, with a cannon in his chest (but his head is the same). Pinstripe explains that the bandicoots have been able to steal him all the Gold Relics he could ever want. Since his predecessor, President Ripper Roo, passed the law that allowed them to vote, Pinstripe was easily elected. Cortex is furious. He takes out a Power Crystal he has been saving for eventually finding a date, but realizes now is a better time than any to use its power. Pinstripe just laughs. Five doors in the room open, each of which contain a robotic Tiny Tiger. Cortex just mumbles insults under his breath as a response to that. He decides that the Power Crystal needs to be combined with something else to successfully avoid the grip of five bumbling child-like morons. He takes out Brio's beaker, and shoves the Power Crystal inside. This causes Dr. Nitrus Brio to be reborn, as a crystal beast. The Brio Beast is easily able to destroy the Tinys. He is also able to defeat Pinstripe, who forgot to load his cannon chest with cannonballs. Cortex just laughs. Pinstripe acknowledge he went too far with power, but even if he is gone, the bandicoots will still reign supreme. Cortex questions how this even happened in the first place. Pinstripe immediately blames Cortex for quitting when there were still bandicoots around. Cortex understands this assessment, and takes out his magic flute once again. Tropy appears, and takes Cortex back to the present. Tropy and Cortex have a long discussion about how to destroy the bandicoots so that future never happens. The only idea Tropy can think of is something Cortex has already learned: never quit your job. It might be the worst thing that could ever happen to the country as a whole. 3/6/1999
225 Let's Beat Nick! One day at Cortex Castle, Dr. Neo Cortex is unveiling his latest evil scheme: stealing fireworks from some guy named Mark. Pinstripe is frustrated. He politely asks Cortex why he repeatedly insists on coming up with child-like schemes. Cortex refuses to admit his schemes are child-like in any way. He is an evil genius, after all! Pinstripe is frustrated, and quits on the spot. Meanwhile, Ripper Roo is holding a meeting with some of his colleagues in Stately Ripper Roo Manor. Dr. Nefarious Tropy, Dr. Nitrus Brio, Dingodile, and Tiny Tiger were all present. Ripper Roo expressed interest to his colleagues about how much he wanted to become a terrific writer. Tiny questions this immediately. Since Roo's hands are trapped in a straight jacket, there is no way he can be a terrific rider of anything. Roo immediately grounds Tiny, who then walks to the corner. Tropy explains that there is a huge cash prize for winning a tournament for beatnik poets in 1946. Roo likes this, as it can easily fund the research for his thesis paper. Dingodile also gets excited, because this means he can use the money to buy the pet armadillo he's been eying. Brio takes out a beaker, and Tropy drinks it. This causes Tropy to turn into a time portal. Ripper Roo and Dingodile enter it. Pinstripe barges in the room, and also enters it. The three arrive in 1946. Pinstripe wanders off on his own. Dingodile and Ripper immediately find Nick's Coffee Shoppe. The two enter, arguing with each other the whole time. Roo strongly believes he is the better poet. Dingodile, a huge lover of the art, disagrees. When they reach the counter at the coffee shoppe, they find themselves face to face with a mysterious scorpion named Nick (voiced by special guest star Earl Hindman). Nick offers to let the two sign up, but he tries to scare them off by telling them that they don't have a chance at winning, as Nick is the most popular and greatest poet in all of 1946 Island. Ripper Roo doesn't take this too seriously. Dingodile, on the other hand, is extremely frustrated, as some smoke is seen coming out of his nostrils. When they leave the shoppe, Ripper Roo and Dingodile have a discussion on how it isn't nearly as important for them to beat each other anymore. Dingodile explains that he thinks Nick is just a complete jerk, and if one of them wins, then it's good enough. Ripper Roo monologues about how he disagrees. He still wants the money for himself. Dingodile does not hide the fact that he is annoyed. The next day, we see Roo and Dingodile in their conjoined hotel rooms. Ripper Roo and Dingodile are seen working hard on writing their poems in a montage, accompanied by this week's musical number. Meanwhile, Pinstripe has joined up with a new group of evil doers. There's Giovanni Jackalope (voiced by Jim Cummings). There's Donnie Cobra (voiced by Rob Paulsen). There's Jimmy de Whale (voiced by Tom Kenny). And there's their leader, Squirrelly the Squirrel (voiced by James Avery). Pinstripe is happy now. He's part of a new evil family. Meanwhile, at the Bandicoots' home, we see Crashie watching an episode of Bubble Dare on Wumpavision. Crashie is totally into this, and explains how excited he is about it in a longer-than-usual monologue. That is all we see of the series' protagonist in this episode. Meanwhile, Pinstripe is enjoying his new job. His task of the day is to rob the First N-Tional Bank. So much better than stealing fireworks! We see him perform the task effortlessly in the episode's second original musical number. Meanwhile again, Ripper Roo has finished his poem. Dingodile is still hard at work. Roo uses this opportunity to annoy Dingodile. Roo takes out a TNT crate and begins to juggle it. Dingodile gets annoyed, and blows some fire at Roo. This causes Ripper Roo to run around, comically trying to find a place to put the now-lit TNT crate. He ends up opening a window, and throws the crate out, where is explodes. The explosion causes enough force to blow Ripper Roo's poem out the window. Dingodile laughs at Roo's misfortune. Ripper Roo gets angry, and decides to pay back by ripping up Dingodile's work in progress. Dingodile just laughs again, since he has more than one copy. Roo just sighs, and tries to return to his work station. Dingodile questions Roo's motives. Why don't they just work on one together? Roo thinks about this for a moment, and decides... no. Just then, Nick calls them up on the bananaphone. Ripper Roo answers it. Nick begins to rant about how little talent they have, and that they stand no chance. This angers Ripper Roo even more. He gives in. This causes Ripper Roo to agree with Dingodile. Together, Ripper Roo and Dingodile will defeat Nick. Meanwhile, Pinstripe is at a meeting with his new supervisor. Squirrelly decides it's high time for Pinstripe to prove his worth. There is a Red Gem of Life in the Wumpsonian Museum. Squirrelly wants Pinstripe to destroy it. Pinstripe is horrified! He isn't that kind of minion! Destroying something so majestic? He doesn't feel he can do that. Squirrelly is not happy right now. The others run in and corner Pinstripe. Pinstripe, of course, is a wily creature. He takes out a cannon and threatens to shoot the mobsters if they try anything. They quickly back off. Pinstripe mentions how much he misses the care-free world under Dr. Cortex. He decides to find Ripper Roo and Dingodile in an effort to go home. The next day, it's time for Nick's Coffee Shoppe's 64th Annual Poetry Slam. Ripper Roo agrees to give Dingodile the right to perform their poem. He goes on stage, and then we fade to after the poem has been peformed. It is a rousing success. Next, we see Hippie Larry, performing a poem about how much he loves Audience Bill. Then, Nick performs a poem about kindness and loving others. This gets the biggest applause. Feeling defeated, Ripper Roo and Dingodile get ready to pack their bags. Then, another person walks on-stage. It's Dr. Neo Cortex! He recites a poem about how much fun stealing fireworks from Mark is. It is the winning poem! Cortie goes home with the top prize at last! Pinstripe, who was in the audience, runs up to him and asks for his job back, and that he learned his lesson. Tropy and Brio (both in the audience) walk up to all four of them. Tropy drinks one of Brio's beakers, and turns into a portal home. But before they can enter, Uka Uka comes out, yelling at Cortex for not letting his minions have their success. He yells that it's better to deliberately lose with dignity than allow anyone else to become a sore loser. 3/13/1999
226 Tokyo a Go Go One day in Cortex Castle, Dr. Neo Cortex is holding an evil demonstration for his peers. He unveils the Super Mega Ultra New Evolvo-Ray. Ripper Roo, Cortex's first experiment, questions this. Why does he need to upgrade perfection? Just look at Ripper Roo. Tiny raises his hand and asks if it is edible. Cortex rolls his eyes, and tells Ripper Roo that Tiny is the reason he must improve his invention. Ripper Roo is convinced. Cortex pulls the cover off the display, and Dingodile is stuck in it, crying. He explains that this is cruel and unusual punishment, and demands to be removed immediately. Uka Uka is in the audience, laughing maniacally, much to Dingodile's chagrin. Cortex asks his lovely assistant, Dr. Nefarious Tropy, to get the lights. Tropy turns them off immediately. Cortex laughs as he shoots Dingodile with the machine's ray. A huge rumble is heard, and the camera pans to the audience, who all gasp. The camera then pans to Tropy, who opens his mouth wide, and sucks the off-camera machine into his Time Portal mouth. Meanwhile, at the bandicoot home, Crash is seen watching Pepperdy on Wumpavision. It's celebrity week, and Melbrook Gabbons is seen risking half of his earnings on the Berry Double. Crash is enthralled. Melbrook is about to answer the question, when the show is interrupted by a Special Wumport! The Wumporter (Tara Charendoff) explains that a monster has arrived in Ancient Tokyo Island, and no one is safe. Crash is angry that such a creature is allowed to interrupt his gameshow viewing, so he vows to destroy it! He grabs Aku Aku, and chants: "Wumpa Wumpa! Wumpa Wumpa!" This causes a time portal to appear, and the three enter it. As the portal closes, Pura looks on. He grabs the Wumpmote, and changes the channel. He sits and watches static. Crashie, Coco, and Aku Aku arrive in Ancient Tokyo Island. They look over, and see a giant creature looming from the shadows. It's a huge Dingodile! He spots the heroes, and runs over to them, trying desperately to avoid crushing anything. He lifts Crashie up softly, and explains that Cortex forced him into this mess. He doesn't want to hurt anyone, since Tokyo has such fine art. Crash politely asks Dingodile if he knows how much Melbrook Gabbons won on Pepperdy. Dingodile sets Crash down, and talks to Coco instead. She understands the situation, and realizes there is only one man alive who can fix this problem. The three venture over to Enjinerab, located on top of a mountain. The three enter there, and meet up with the genius, Dr. Enjine. Aku Aku demands that Enny fix the Dingodile mess this instance! Enjine mentions that he tried to convince Cortex that Dingodile wasn't the most willing subject for this evil scheme, but Cortie just wouldn't listen. But, conveniently, Enjine also created a version of the Super Mega Ultra New Evolvo-Ray. The "Grow, Grow, Grow! Please, Please, Grow! C'mon, Yo! Please, Please, Grow! Growy Machine". Enjine pulls out the device, and Tiny Tiger is attached to that device, smiling. Tiny asks Enjine if this will make Cortie happy. Enjine cuts Tiny off, and yells at him for bringing Cortex into this. Tiny is confused, but remains happy to help his friend. Enjine just sighs, and then shoots Tiny with the machine's ray. The camera pans outside Enjinerab, and a humongous Tiny ducks out the door. Meanwhile, in Cortex Castle, in the present, Dr. Neo Cortex is seen looking at his magic Gem-powered mirror. He is visibly annoyed by how horrible a job Dingodile is doing, but remains hopeful that Tiny will set things right. Uka Uka yells at him for being optomistic. It is Tiny, after all! Back to Ancient Tokyo Island, we see Tiny enjoying his time as a large beast, accompanied by this week's musical number, playing with planes and carts as if they were toys, bashing people together in hopes they will kiss, and laughing when biplanes tickle him with machine guns. Coco and Dingodile are horrified! Enjine betrayed them. Coco runs to the nearest bananaphone booth and calls up Dr. Nitrus Brio. He quickly arrives in a beaker-shaped biplane. He throws a beaker at Dingodile, which converts him back to his normal size. Unfortunately, Tiny is still having fun. Enjine runs out of Enjinerab and yells at Tiny for making so much noise, which prevents him from getting any work done. Brio, still in his beakerplane, flies right past Tiny, dropping beaker bombs at him. Tiny tries to shuck it off, but one hits him square in the nose. This causes him to sneeze. When Tiny's mouth is open, Brio is able to successfully squirt some beaker juice into his mouth. This causes Tiny to shrink again. Dingodile looks around and sees the damage done to the society. This upsets him greatly. He explains to everyone that it is best to enjoy society, and not to ever destroy it. 3/20/1999
224 One if by Land, Goo if by Sea! Angered by Special Wumports about Cortex's evil schemes constantly interrupting Wumpavision, Crash decides to travel back in time to the day of the Cortexxon-Valbrio Oil Spill, with intentions of preventing the professional scientist from ever ascending to glory. Here, he meets a weird 1980s-themed seal. 3/27/1999

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