The Komodo Bros, Moe and Joe, display their juggling act at the Brio Circus Big Top.

Maurice Jason Komodo and Joseph Lee Komodo are the sword weilding komodo brothers. They go by the names "Komodo Moe" and "Komodo Joe" which is totally gay.


Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackEdit


Look at Joey's killer Crashie impression!

Both Komodo Brothers appeared as the second boss in Nitrus Brio's Revenge. They were a last minute replacement for the nefarious Nefarious, who was late to the game.

Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedEdit

Neither of the Komodos appeared in the game that fucked up the series' timeline. It is thought that during this time, Moseph and Jaurice had a falling out. They argued and they argued. It didn't go well. Moe went packing for a year or two. It was weird.

Crash Team RacingEdit

Kommodore Joestyfour was the third boss in Crashie Goes Vroom. Moesha was nowhere to be seen. This further added speculation to their argument. I wonder what the argument was about. If you know, please PM me.

Crash BashEdit


Taking a page from the scrapbook of N. Gin, the Komodo Brothers built a huge-ass machine! Unlike the machines of N. Gin, however, this one is boring.

Apparently, Mama Komodo Brothers forced her two sons to kiss and make up by this game, as they appeared as the third boss. They learned to drive tanks, and their newfound love for each other caused them to take each others' damage, according to the fucked up health meter stuff.


  • Since Moe was absent from CTR, it is assumed that he and Joe had a falling out. This theory is extremely confusing. In Crash Bash, both brothers are fought together in tanks for some reason.
  • The Komodo Brothers were never supposed to actually appear in any game. They were repeatedly last millisecond replacements for Captain N and the Time Machine.
    • In Crash of the Sequels, Time Man was simply late to the party, so Morris and Jorris showed up in some stupid juggling act.
    • In Crashie Teamie Racieingie, Joeline was not supposed to be a boss. Soapy Tropy replaced him after Naughty Dog realized that Dragon Mines had nothing to do with time twisting.
    • In BAAAAAAASH!!!, TV Tropes was stuck in the time continuum thingy, causing the Broskis to reunite. It was weird. Tropers was missed.

Holy last minute replacements for N. Tropy, Batman!