If I Only Had A Not Tiny Brain is the seventeenth episode of Crash Bandicoot: N-Ventures!. In it, Dr. Nitrus Brio finds a way to increase Tiny Tiger's intellect after a major depression.

Plot SummaryEdit

Tiny Tiger finally cornered Crash Bandicoot! He's about ready to call to have N. Gin abduct him for Cortex, so he can de-evolve him. Crash easily convinces Tiny that he is not Crash Bandicoot, though. He tells Tiny that his name is Melbrook Gabbons, and he's a huge Hollywood actor. Tiny quickly gets starstruck, and asks for an autograph. Crash asks Tiny for a Power Crystal in return for one, so Tiny vanishes to go look for one. Crash makes his getaway. Cut to Cortex Castle! An angry Dr. Neo Cortex is seen yelling at Tiny for messing this up. Cortex does not believe the Hollywood story as truth, and calls Tiny a "guillable baffoon". This hurts Tiny, as he runs upstairs and goes to his bedroom. Cortex sighs. Two days have passed, and Tiny refuses to leave his chamber. Dr. Nitrus Brio ends up entering Tiny's chamber, and has a nice long discussion with him the very next evening. Brio gives Tiny his newest invention, "Sage Serem". Tiny tries it, and then falls to sleep. The next morning, Cortex is out in his kitchen eating hashbrowns. Tiny comes barging out, and tells his boss to bring out the Bandicoot De-Evolver. Cortex reluctantly complies. Tiny runs out, and ends up in the exact same situation as earlier. He cornered Crash. Crash tries to play a similiar mind game as before, but this time it fails! Tiny is too smart for Crash now! N. Gin arrives to abduct the bandicoot, but Tiny realizes this means more than that! Tiny throws N. Gin out of his mech, and grabs Crash on his own. The two arrive at Cortex Castle, and then meet with Dr. Neo Cortex. Tiny demands that Cortex hands the reigns of the island to him, or he'll free the bandicoot. Cortex refuses. Just then, Pinstripe Potoroo pops out of the background and shoots Tiny with a comically oversized cannon. This reverts Tiny back to the usual idiot he is. Frustrated, he helps Crash escape. Pinstripe, still looking on, tells today's moral: Smarts and idiocy both have their ups and downs. It's better to just try to be a decent human being.