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N Trance as a baby, drugs made him lose the top of his head.

Dr. Norm Trance is an omlette creature who likes to use his breakfast powers to force people to do stupid things for him.


Crash Bandicoot 2: N-TrancedEdit

Tranny's first appearance was in some portable thing, where he used his breakfast powers to hypnotize folks. It was damn weird.

Crash Nitro KartEdit

His only other appearance was in Crash Team Racing 2: Racing Again. He hypnotized more folks, but this time to race in his honour.


  • N. Trance was named and modeled after Canadian comedian Norm MacDonald, even though they have nothing in common, be it physically, vocally, or personality-y.
  • He's one of two Norms who appeared in Racing Game #2.
  • His name might be based on the word "entrance", due to the fact that he entered the series in his debut appearance.
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